Jameelah Ra’oof

Rudy Reynoso

Dr. Jameelah Ra’oof, a senior instructional technologist at UNT and a learning experience designer and ed-tech consultant for several Fortune 500 corporations, is an accomplished academic, researcher and sociologist. She is passionate about teaching and learning with technology and how Artificially Intelligent (AI) devices impact our environments, especially as it relates to both social and emotional themes. Dr. Ra’oof develops teaching and learning strategies that leverage adult learning methodologies and future-focused technical design. Throughout her 15-year higher education career, Dr. Ra’oof has specialized in student-centered educational technologies, curriculum design, assessment development and edtech implementation. Dr. Ra’oof also teaches computer science and sociology. Dr. Ra’oof is a natural born motivator, whether it is through her books, on social media or in the classroom. Her topics of expertise include the social construct of technology, educational technologies, data science and STS (science, technology and society). Dr. Ra’oof earned her master’s degree in applied sociology from UT Dallas and her Ph.D. in sociology (science, technology and society) at UNT.